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The Best Running Advice You’ve Ever Received

We recently asked our Facebook and Instagram followers to offer up the best piece of advice they had ever received about training for a marathon or half marathon as a way to motivate and inspire others. For some, following a specific piece of advance from an old coach or idol could have been the difference between winning or losing a race, registering for a full or half marathon, or breaking personal or race time records.

In response to our request, we were flooded with a lot of great feedback from our running and walking community. And we think the best thing to do with good advice is to share it. So, we’ve pulled a small list of the shared guidance we received, and in turn, our very own race director, Darris Blackford, is providing commentary.

  1. Fuel early and often, even if you don’t think you need it.

This is definitely something I don’t always do well and I suffer because of it!

2. Trust your training.

I was forced to skip a marathon I had trained hard for after thinking a “sprint workout” three days before the race would help me – it did help me, helped me get injured!

3. You will never regret a run completed. Always regret a run skipped.

I have never gotten home after a run or walk and thought, “gosh, I wish I hadn’t done that.” Never.

4. Make a plan and write your mileage down on a calendar including rest days. Mark the days off one by one and see how far you’ve come! Great motivation when things get rough. Marathon training is the hard part of a marathon!

I have been doing this via an online calendar since January 1, 2007 – before that I wrote it down, somewhere, and regret not keeping that information handy – it really helps me to see what I’ve accomplished when the doubts creep in!

5. Don’t drink coffee right before a run.

Can’t say I always follow this one … sometimes I’m okay, but sometimes I get jittery, or worse, my tummy will “flip” and I’m running alright – to a restroom!

6. Do long runs or walks with a friend or group. It helps so much to have a run buddy for company and motivation (as well as safety)!

I run at least three days a week with my wife and several friends, including Marathon Board member Bill Burns. The miles go by more quickly, and when people are tired, your jokes are even funnier!

Feeling inspired? Perhaps the next piece of advice you take—in this case, potentially from a complete stranger—can help you reach your goal of finishing the full or half marathon on October 17th.

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