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Did You Know?  Women Represent 58% of our Total Field!


By the Numbers:

  • Women make up 63% of our 1/2 Marathon field

  • Women make up 46% of our full Marathon field

Famous Faces!


  • Women's running icon and Olympic gold medalist Joan Benoit Samuelson won the Columbus Marathon in 1992, eight years after winning the first Olympic Marathon to include women

  • Inaugural Columbus Marathon winner Karen Cosgrove joined us for the 1/2 Marathon to celebrate the 40th Anniversary.  Her time in 1980?  2:45:58.  

  • She didn't run our race, but in case you needed a reminder:  Oprah Winfrey ran the 1994 Marine Corps Marathon in 4:29:15.  She was 40 years old.

Babe in Arms?  Diaper-Clad Spectators?

Whether baby is nearing the potty-training stage or still nursing, we've got you covered.  Look for our Baby Changing Station and Mother's Room located in the Info complex in Celebration Village, located on Spring Street.  The tent will be located next to the "Info" and "Gear Check" tents and offers a convenient and discreet area for diaper changes and nursing or pumping runners.  Dad looking after the kids while mom runs?  Make sure to let him in on the secret!

Traveling with Little Ones and Looking for Extra Convenience?

We're thrilled to partner this year with Bon Voyage Baby Rentals, delivering equipment, toys, and other necessities for travel with little ones to your hotel, Airbnb or Vrbo in Franklin and Delaware counties!

Hanging Out with Aunt Flo Instead?

It's inevitable, and it going to happen to about 20% of the women on our course (yeah, we did the math).  Tampons are available from the first aid kits at every single water stop on course.  If a volunteer seems confused or overwhelmed, use code word:  "First Aid Kit."  

And most importantly, don't freak out!  Yes, race day is a much bigger deal than a workout, but the research actually shows that your period doesn't have to be a game-changer for a great run.  Runner's World has a great piece here, and women's running blog Salty Running has a great anecdotal piece here.  Consult with your girlfriends for their tips and tricks for dealing with this uninvited running partner, and get out there and have a great race!

And Most Importantly - Embrace Your Journey

Runners as a community - both male and female - are really good at self-criticism.  Mileage, pace, finishing position and how much better our training partners did weighs heavily upon us.  Now add to that equation that most women on our course are dealing with the effects of at least one stage or change of the uniquely female body:  menstruation, pregnancy, infertility, post-childbirth changes or menopause - and you've got a recipe for some serious self-doubt.  STOP!

You are out here being amazing, getting it done, taking care of yourself and doing something that helps you give the best possible version of yourself back to the people around you.  Your kids are proud of you, your girlfriends adore you, and you look absolutely beautiful with tangled hair and a sweaty, flushed face.  Whether you're winning the race, earning a medal, or conquering your own personal demons, we are SO proud of you - regardless of what a silly clock says.  You should be too.

Women make up 58% of the Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon field.  Here's to a great race and an even better journey!

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