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Your first marathon can be exhilarating, exhausting and overwhelming - we're here to help you through it!

Set your goals and reach that finish line with us. Here are some pointers to help along the way.




Learn the Lingo!

​Click on the graphic to a fantastic blog post that explains some of the terms you'll hear veteran marathoners throwing around as if they speak a secret language.  Now you're in the know!  (Please note:  mile marker locations and patient champion names have changed since this blog was written in 2013, but the definitions haven't.)
















Speaking of Marathon Veterans:


The Columbus Marathon Legacy Runners group put together their own set of tips and tricks for Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon runners.  Check it out HERE.

Tips and Tricks from the Race Director - Another Veteran Marathoner

Race Director Darris Blackford, who did his first marathon in Columbus, regularly talks to training groups and hosts online video chats filled with advice and encouragement for runners and walkers of all experience levels and abilities.  Check a few of them out below:

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