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18-week training video series

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

#1 Beat The Heat

We’re excited to debut the first segment of our new video series – Friday Training Talks – where various running and walking experts share insight about training and preparing for OUR Marathon & 1/2 Marathon. There will be a new installment to follow each Friday until race weekend!

Our first Training Talks is a very well-timed session on training in the summer heat by Columbus’ favorite running meteorologist, Andrew Buck Michael!

So, for a quick recap:

  1. Beat the Heat! If you can, adjust the timing of your workouts and/or runs! Early mornings and late evenings are the coolest times of day so try to time your workouts then.

  2. Stay hydrated and don’t wait till you are thirsty to drink water. And, if you aren’t already, avoid sugary, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks as they will dehydrate you more. Water is best!

  3. Slow down your pace. There’s no shame in slowing things down—in fact, it’s necessary—especially in the heat!

  4. Dress for the weather! You can protect yourself from the sun by wearing lightweight clothing, a hat and, of course, sunscreen (we recommend at least SPF 30 or more). Wearing light-colored, loose clothing can also help keep you cool during your workout.

  5. Be sure to cool down and recover (a cool shower or bath can be very refreshing!).

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for next week’s video!

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