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5 Tips for Training on a Time Crunch

Due to the ongoing pandemic, registration for the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon & ½ Marathon got off to a late start this year. Does the later-than-usual registration opening, not to mention your busy schedule, leave you feeling like you’re training on a time crunch? Not to worry!

There is still plenty of time to prepare for a great race. We’re here to help you make the most of the next three months in terms of your training regimen so you feel 100 percent prepared come October 17. Here are our tips to help ensure you can go the distance on race day:

  1. Establish a Training Routine & Schedule – First and foremost, get a plan in place by mapping out your training routine with a week-by-week schedule. Add in the run/walk distance or rest/recovery days on their respective days of the week. To help, there are plethora of training plans online that you could use as an example. Bonus: All registered athletes receive free access to the Runcoach training program, which is adjustable and customizable!

  2. Be Opportunistic — After you have a training plan in place, find how to best weave it into your existing “life” schedule because from here on out, every day will count. If your schedule already seems like a balancing act, we recommend cross-checking your training plan with your professional and personal calendars, and block off times every day (from now until October 17) to do your run or walk before the time gets swallowed up by something else.

More ways to work around a busy schedule include meal planning or waking up early for a morning workout (balance it by going to bed early – resting is crucial!). And if you’re a parent to young kids, move the treadmill to the playroom so you can knock out a few miles while they’re busy playing, or talk to your partner about shared responsibilities.

Training on a time crunch seems difficult, but it can be done. Preparation and planning in the front end will make it all that much easier to meet your goals.

3. Use an App to Help Increase Miles, Pace – It’s true – you’ll need to make up for lost time. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it when you feel prepared on October 17th. Apps such as the free Runcoach program can help you create a workout schedule and set goals while an algorithm will deliver customized guidance, and TrainAsOne can give you a customized plan based on your experience and the race distance you’re working toward.

4. Join a Local Running or Walking Group – Motivation is key and sometimes having a friend or a group of like-minded individuals is a great way to hold you to your goals and push you to stay on track with your training regimen.

5. Find Inspiration – We have blogs that list local runners’ and walkers’ favorite running books that served as incredible sources of inspiration, and songs to be sure to add to your pump-up playlist. When you’re depending on every training opportunity, sometimes it’s the little things that help.

We understand training for the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon or ½ Marathon takes a lot of time and energy – especially on a time crunch – but try to remember to have fun while you’re working toward one of the biggest goals of your life. Doing the planning and preparation and getting yourself in the right frame of mind on the front end will be the key to your success. And since you are here supporting our race (after such a difficult year), we are here to support you, too. Check our blog, social channels and website for information that will be helpful to you and your race on October 17.

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