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Meet the 2022 Marathon Mile Champions #6-10!

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

It’s time to meet our second group of 2022 Marathon Mile Champions!

Every year, 24 patients treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital are selected to line each mile of the race, share their story and inspire others. Each Marathon Mile Champion picks a theme for their mile and is looking forward to celebrating with you on race day. We know that reading their stories will give you that extra motivation you need to finish your training strong.

Here are the Marathon Mile Champions for miles 6-10:

Annika is Mile Marker #6!

Age on Race Day: 7

Diagnosis: Double Lung Transplant

Mile Marker Theme: SpongeBob

At just a few months old, Annika developed a severe adenovirus infection that caused multiorgan failure. At the age of six, she had to have a double-lung transplant. Here's a link to her full story.

Cameron is Mile Marker #7!

Age on Race Day: 8

Diagnosis: Brain Tumor, Brain Lesion, Cortical Dysplasia

Mile Marker Theme: Dinosaurs

At just eight months old, Cam was diagnosed with an unknown mass on his brain that has since been removed, giving him the best quality of life possible without seizure medication or MRIs twice a year. Here’s a link to his full story.

Kai is Mile Marker #8!

Age on Race

Diagnosis: Complex Care

Mile Marker Theme: Music

Kai was prenatally diagnosed with Congenital Hydrocephalus and after further testing, he was also diagnosed with three additional conditions. Kai is currently non-verbal, wheelchair bound and explores his world mainly through touch and sound. Here’s a link to his full story.

Connor is Mile Marker #9!

Age on Race Day: 7

Diagnosis: Severe Scoliosis

Mile Marker Theme: Super Mario Maker

Connor’s Severe Scoliosis diagnosis came on his third birthday, and as result, he must wear a brace 16 hours a day minimum. Here’s a link to his full story.

The Encore Mile, mile 10, invites all 216 previous Marathon Mile Champions to experience the magic of race day once again and encourages them to continue running their own race.

Stay tuned to learn more about the incredible Marathon Mile Champions you’ll see along the course!

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