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Meet the 2022 Marathon Mile Champions #21-26!

It’s time to meet our final group of 2022 Marathon Mile Champions!

Every year, 24 patients treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital are selected to line each mile of the race, share their story and inspire others. Each Marathon Mile Champion picks a theme for their mile and is looking forward to celebrating with you on race day. We know that reading their stories will give you that extra motivation you need to finish your training strong.

Here are the Marathon Mile Champions for miles 21-26:

Landon is Mile Marker #21!

Age on Race Day: 10

Diagnosis: Type 1 Diabetes

Mile Marker Theme: Harry Potter

Most kids are done wetting the bed at five years old, but that was not the case for Landon. The mystery was finally solved when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Here’s a link to his full story.

Cadence is Mile Marker #22!

Age on Race Day: 10

Diagnosis: Allergies and Asthma

Mile Marker Theme: Disney

Originally diagnosed with 15 food allergies and eczema so severe that her skin began to crack and bleed, Cadence is now able to manage her allergies with the help of doctors at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Here’s a link to her full story.

Giada is Mile Marker #23!

Age on Race Day: 8

Diagnosis: Encephalitis

Mile Marker Theme: Glitzy Bows

At five years old, Giada woke up one morning and couldn’t move. She was eventually diagnosed with Encephalitis, an inflammation of brain tissue caused by infection. Here's a link to her full story.

Jose is Mile Marker #24!

Age on Race Day: 10

Diagnosis: Craniosynostosis

Mile Marker Theme: Minecraft

Jose was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis, a condition in which two or more bones of a baby’s skull fuse together too early, at just six months old. After undergoing skull surgery at this young age, Jose is happy and healthy. Here's a link to his full story.

Cameron is Mile Marker #25!

Age on Race Day: 13

Diagnosis: Pineal gland cyst, ADHD, Expressive speech disorder

Mile Marker Theme: Luau

Cameron was diagnosed with a Pineal Gland cyst and, after shaving her head and donating 16 inches of hair to Wigs for Kids, underwent a craniotomy – only to have the cyst return less than a year later. Here’s a link to her full story.

Kendrick is Mile Marker #26!

Age on Race Day: 7

Diagnosis: Burn, Asthma, Expressive language delay

Mile Marker Theme: Superheroes (Red, Blue, Yellow and White)

At the age of three, Kendrick became a burn victim, spending a week in Nationwide’s Children’s Hospital’s ICU and a month on their burn unit. Now seven, he has traveled from trauma to triumph! Here’s a link to his full story.

Thanks for reading all about our Marathon Mile Champions! Keep an eye out for more race-day details and what makes OUR race such an exciting and memorable day for everyone involved!

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