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18-week training video series

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

#10 How do you drink fluids while running a race?

Training Talk Video #7 is LIVE and this week Charlie Geer from Columbus East Side Running Club, an RRCA certified coach with 8 marathons and 7 half-marathons under his belt, shares his tips on how to successfully drink fluids while running a race! But how do you prevent it from getting all over yourself while running? Check out Charlie’s quick tips in the video below!

As a reminder, here are some quick reasons why staying hydrated is so important:

  1. Minimizes cramping!

  2. Replenishes sweat and electrolytes!

  3. Improves recovery!

That’s why, when running OUR race, you’ll pass 17 fluid stations that provide Gatorade Lemon Lime Endurance Formula® and non-carbonated water.

Remember: Do not delay hydrating until the morning of OUR race or while running! Good hydration begins days before the race and extends days after - but should never reach the bar of over-hydration, which can lead to hyponatremia, also known as water intoxication.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for next week’s video!

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