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18-week training video series

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

#5 – What is the Best Walking Advice You’ve Ever Received? With Cindi Leeman

Cindi Leeman, a race walker with Buckeye Striders Walking Club who has two marathons and 61 half marathons under her belt, joins us for Training Talk Video #5. She shares some of the best walking advice she’s ever received!

“Plan your Race and Race your Plan” says Cindi.

We know it can be hard to see everyone taking off at the starting line at a faster pace than you—and how it’s tempting to match the group’s pace. But it’s so important to stick to the pace that you trained at. If you’re feeling ready to speed things up later, maybe at mile 10 for a half marathon or mile 20 for a full marathon, then do it—but wait until then!

You can view Cindi’s Training Talk video below!

Just remember: Walk what you say you’re going to walk!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for next week’s video!

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