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18-week training video series

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

#12 What is the entertainment like on the Columbus course? Do I need to wear headphones? With Tom Bond

Training Talk Video #12 is LIVE and this week Tom Bond, the Columbus Marathon Course Entertainment Coordinator and 46-time Marathon runner, joins us to talk about the entertainment on OUR course!

Check out Tom’s video!

With more than 60 performers lining the course in addition to our Marathon Mile Champions, there’s already a ton of entertainment to soak in: bands, DJs and even gospel choirs. OUR race has also received rave reviews for the number of spectators for an event of our size - there will be plenty of entertainment to help keep some pep in your step!

That said, we acknowledge that some of our runners and walkers have special songs, podcasts, or meaningful messages they rely on during the race. While the Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon allows its participants to use an iPod or other personal listening device, we ask that you keep the volume at a level that enables you to be alert to your surroundings in case there is an emergency. Even better: use only a single earphone, as this allows you to remain alert to the sights and sounds of the course while also enjoying your personal playlist.

The only exception to this rule is elite athletes (any athlete competing for prize money) – they are not allowed to use iPods or personal listening devices of any kind.

Most of all, remember Tom’s closing comments: “the race is the reward”. We hope you’ll soak it all in—the sights and sounds of the bands, Marathon Mile Champions and your loved ones cheering you on!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for next week’s video! Rock on! (Watch the video—you’ll get it!)

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