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Nervous before the start of every weekend because that long run looms in the distance?  OUR race is put on by a Board of Trustees and Team of people who run or walk, so we get it.  And we're bringing you some help to ease your fears and answer some of your questions as you prepare for the 2022 Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon.

Our 18-week "Friday Training Talk" video series will feature men and women who have done OUR race many times answering your training and racing questions!  Visit each Friday for a new tip, trick, or piece of inspiration.  You’ve got this!

Find a full list of our Training Talks - both current and to come - below this week's installment!

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Trying to plan race week and race day food intake? In today's Friday Training Talk, Sakiko Minagawa, women's champion of the 2022 Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon and a registered Sports Medicine Dietitian, gives her insight into the foods that will maximize your performance.


It's a "winning" strategy! 


Watch Now:

6/17/2022:   Tips for Training in the Summer Heat with Andrew Buck Michael

6/24/2022:  Why OUR Race is Great for First Timers with Carence Bennett
7/1/2022:      Why are Proper Shoes and Gear So Important?  with Eric Fruth

7/8/2022:     What is the Best Running Advice You've Ever Received?  with Heather Eland 

7/15/2022:    What is the Best Walking Advice You've Ever Received?  with Cindy Leeman
7/22/2022:   What are Your Favorite Local Places to Train?  with Doug Hile

7/29/2022:   What This First Time Marathoner is Most Excited and Nervous About with Malik Willoughby

8/5/2022:     Confronting Training Anxiety as Mileage Increases with Teresa Gellenbeck

8/12/2022:    What if I, Well, You Know, Need to Use the Bathroom During the Race?  with Darris Blackford

8/19/2022:    How To Drink Fluids While Running a Race​ with Charlie Geer

8/26/2022:   What is the Best Way to Run the Columbus Marathon Course? with Bill Burns

9/2/2022:     What is the Course Entertainment Like?  Do I Need to Carry Music?  with Tom Bond

9/9/2022:     What Happens at Mile 20?  Something About Hitting a Wall?  with Star Blackford

9/16/2022:    How Do You Eliminate Negative Self Talk?  with Erin Arnett

9/23/2022:   What Advice Do You Have for Overcoming Race Day Jitters?​  with Danny Showalter

9/30/2022:   I Heard I Will Feel Like Garbage Before the Race.  Something Called the Taper?  with Jeff Henderson

10/7/2022:    What Should I Eat the Day Before the Race?  with Sakiko Minagawa

Coming Soon!

10/14/2022:   What Should I Put in My Gear Check Bag?  with Dan Leite

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