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Want to help your support crew keep tabs on you on race day? RTRT (Real Time Runner Tracking) is now LIVE!




For each person who participates in a marathon or half-marathon, there are dozens of people who helped provide support to make the journey possible. Thanks to the Real-Time Race Tracking app (RTRT), those friends and family can be anywhere in the world and still track our athletes’ progress on race day.


The 2023 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon & ½ Marathon Live Results app is now available via web for free here. Download the Mobile App and select the 2023 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon event. Participants, family and friends can all use Live Results to share in the excitement.


On Race Day, spectators can get the status of participants in real-time using the Live Tracker & Leaderboard. Details such as time, pace, position on the map and estimated finish will be instantly available. The information will be based on five checkpoints along the course (start, 4.3 miles, 13.1 miles, 16 miles, 20 miles and finish). You can receive notifications via the online Web Tracker, mobile app with push notifications, or email.


There are other popular features including:

  • Live Web Tracker – See times and current pace of a participant crossing each split point. Estimated times will be provided based on current pace.

  • Live Leaderboard – See who is winning via the Live Leaderboard. Top runners in each category will be displayed in real-time as they lead the way through the course.

  • Live Map Tracking – Participant locations will be plotted on the Interactive Course Map as progress is made on course. The position of each participant is estimated based on the most recent timing received from the bib read. NOTE: Participants do not need to carry their phones for this feature to work.

  • Mobile App – Features include Live Participant Tracking, Push Notifications, Leaderboards, Map Tracking, Event Messages, Event Info and more.


  • Photo Frame – Snap a pic or selfie using the special frames within the RTRT app.

  • Please note: Live Tracking results are unofficial. Official results will be posted upon completion of the event.

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