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18-week training video series

#16 I heard I will feel like garbage the week before the race—something called the taper? With Jeff Henderson

Training Talk Video #16 is LIVE and this week, owner of Fleet Feet Columbus and marathoner himself, Jeff Henderson joins us to talk about the taper!

Check out the video below to learn more about the taper and how Jeff recommends approaching it.

Because the taper affects you both psychologically and physiologically, it stirs up both mental and physical doubts. And even if you’ve trained for months and diligently prepared for race day, your brain will repeatably ask you if you’re actually ready.

There are several ways to combat the feelings and doubts that come with the taper; one of the biggest is to trust in your training. If you’ve followed your plan and put the miles in, your body is ready and you are ready! You’ve spent months preparing for the excitement of OUR race, and you can do it and finish strong!

How do you deal with the “Two-step Boogaloo”? Don’t know what that is? Watch the video to find out! Then, give us your recommendations and tips below!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for next week’s video!

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