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18-week training video series

#15 What advice do you have for overcoming race day jitters? With Danny Showalter

Training Talk Video #15 is LIVE and this week, Director of OutRunners Columbus and 17-time Marathon runner Danny Showalter is joining us to talk about overcoming race day jitters!

We get it--you’ve spent the past few months dripping in sweat from the drenching Ohio heat, soaking your sore feet and preparing for long runs - only to get to race day and still be nervous! While race day jitters are normal and can actually help prepare you for a great race ahead, there are many ways to combat your nerves and feel more prepared and at ease.

Danny recommends three strategies for doing just that. Check out the video below to learn about each!

What are some ways you combat race day jitters? Please share your recommendations and tips in the comments below.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for next week’s video!

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